Bulletproof Vest, Body Armor, and Ballistic Helmets have taken on a major role in our modern day law enforcement and security forces. With the growing concerns about officer safety, and public relations being called into question over excessive police force, the creation of bulletproof vests and other body armor products became necessary. ballistic helmets, bulletproof vest, and bulletproof shields are used to accomplish many law enforcement and security jobs. But are these items truly required, or are they merely a good way to get through the day?

ballistic shields and body armor were created for special operations forces. Today we see these vests used by security personnel for protection in urban combat situations. Law enforcement officers also use this type of product for ballistic protection. The goal is to stop the threat as soon as possible so that everyone can get home safely. In reality, no officer ever wants to shoot or kill an attacker, but if the situation does arise, the officer must have a means of defending himself. Body armor was designed to provide this officer with this option.

Bulletproof vest and body armor were originally designed for law enforcement and security forces. But, today they are used by nearly every profession. And, the main factor that increases the need for these products is the increasing threat from criminals who now carry handguns. Officers and security personnel are required to wear body armor during their work time. These protective vests provide the officer and the member of the law enforcement or security force with the safest and most effective method of self defense available today.