What is bulletproof body armor? When it comes down to it, bulletproof body armor is all about stopping bullets. In other words, it’s all about stopping bullets, period. It’s all about protecting your head, your spine, your hands, and other vital organs from injury by means of stopping bullets, so when someone asks you about what you wear under your clothing, you can easily answer with “body armor”.

So what is bulletproof vest all about? Bulletproof vests have actually been around for quite some time, and they are still very much in demand. They will stop virtually any bullet, although you will have to have specially made body armor to do that. If you want to get the most out of your bullet proof vest, you should choose one that’s manufactured by a well known name, such as Remington or Smith and Wesson, because these companies have been producing quality body armor for many years.

After you’ve gotten over the whole “what is bulletproof vest” issue, you will more fully appreciate just why investing in one of these vests is important. The first reason is because if you encounter a dangerous person or an attacker, it’s important that you are able to fight back without becoming seriously injured or even killed. If you only have the option of running away from the attacker, how much good is your safety? If you have a bulletproof vest on, even if you are shot, you will be able to get medical attention very quickly because you will be protected by your body armor, your life saving caliber vest. Also, if you are ever involved in a criminal investigation, a bulletproof vest will help you cooperate with the police so they don’t come after you too.