With the growing needs to be tougher and more resistant to impacts, modern body armor is more than just a fashion accessory. It is now an integral part of tactical gear. The problem is that the vests and other body armor used by law enforcement are much different than the one’s designed for sportsmen and consumers. The vests that police and soldiers wear are made from very heavy fabrics such as Kevlar and are difficult to wear and tear. Soft armor is much lighter and is much easier to move around in. One reason for this is that soft armor doesn’t stop shots like the hard armor does and it can even encourage the penetration of bullets.

There are three different types of vests available for law enforcement and military personnel. One of the most popular is the M.A.S.S vest which is actually an upgrade of the original vest, but is better for the consumer and is commonly referred to as the Soft Armamental System or S.A.S. They are all made with a one piece design and generally have an additional pocket on the front for additional storage or other features that are necessary. Some vests feature extras such as bullet shields which are generally made from laminated bulletproof polymer and are used for training and will protect the wearer if a bullet is fired at them. About stab proof best -> click here.

Other features of these vests include special compartments for storage, hook and loop closures and pockets to carry other items such as flashlight, energy weapons and other devices. A lot of law enforcement and other first responder agencies use bulletproof vests and other hard armor products because they give their users added protection and durability as well as comfort and convenience. There are a lot of different types and styles to choose from but selecting the right vest is very important.